GovInfo.me is an online repository of government information such as schemes, rules and policies categorized by  ministries and governments (central and state). As the tittle suggests we don’t just aggregate information but analyses and make it very easy to understand. Very soon GovInfo will be available in most of the Indian languages. Our content experts everyday hunt for useful and popular schemes refer multiple authentic sources, analyses the schemes/rules/policies and documents them in such a way that it is every to understand.


GovInfo`s mission is to organize the Government information such as schemes, rules and policies and make is universally accessible and useful.

Our Content Magicians:

Vishal Yadav: 

From good listener to good speaker (sometimes), now its my time to try my writing skills and spread the flame of information about government’s initiatives to its people. Always curious for new paths at work and off work I am a travel addict person, dream to be travel nomad and wish to get paid for travelling.

Ram Sawai: 

Hi I am Ram, Software Engineer by calling yet nearby social work is my heart touching thing. We got an idea which was genuinely one of an extraordinary and social which were going to give advantages to piles of people, poor, women, youth who were prevented from advantages of government plans. On the grounds that there are numerous schemes which can help individuals like anything besides fitting channel they are not able to get any benefits. We thought we can transform into a channel amongst people and government plans we can reach to everyone we can progress diverse government plans we can expand plan in simple way we can help youth furthermore young women, development. That is the reason we started ventured ahead and end up being a bit of social care. I am thankful to all friends who upheld me in this special activity and social work.

Arpit Jajoo: 

I’m Arpit Jajoo, a 22-year-old Engineer and Content Designer dwelling in Amravati, India. I have a Bachelor’s degree in a Mechanical engineering from SGBAU and am as of now preparing for MBA from one of the finest Institute of the nation. I appreciate taking complex issues and transforming them into a straight forward and lovely plan. My objective in the life is to dependably continue cherishing what I’m doing. This incorporates both my work and even my past times. I’m finding, by living and learning as a youthful grown-up, where I need my expert profession to take me. When I’m not working you will discover me at a fine eatery or at home investing energy with my family. What’s more, last yet not the minimum don’t hesitate to investigate all our work at whatever time and it’s a given, don’t falter to contact me out.

Akshay Mahalle: 

I am Akshay J. Mahalle an engineer by profession, lives in Maharashtra, India. Sharing written Government Jobs  in a very convenient and easy way, We are trying to take care of all the minor things and making information more easy, understandable. That’s why we have our tag line is Government Information Made Easy!! It is pleasure to share Government Jobs, other important stuffs with you all.

Culture At GovInfo:
We are a social start up and believe in solving very common problems in the most innovative ways. We work with the people who are smart, innovative and favor ability over experience/degree. We promote open culture at GovInfo and welcome ideas and innovations.

Contact Us:
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