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Dharmajyoti Scheme in Assam

The Dharmajyoti Scheme is started by Assam State Government (Ministry of Planning and Development) under Untied Fund since 2004-05. The main objective behind introducing this scheme is to provide special concession to the pilgrims for visiting religious places. The fund is provided by P & D Department, Assam and implemented by ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation). Person above the 60 years are benefited. 50% transportation cost is borne by the government. Under this scheme 50% transport cost is paid by government for those who are pilgrims or visiting religious places. The ASTC is nodal agency for implementation this scheme. To qualify for this scheme candidate need to go through some eligibility norms which are mentioned below in details.

Benefits of Dharmajyoti Scheme:       

  • Dharmajyoti Scheme in Assam provides benefits by providing 50% concession in transportation cost to those who are visiting the religious places or those who are pilgrims and above age 60 or exact 60
  • 50% transportation cost is paid by government

Required eligibility and conditions for applying Dharmajyoti Scheme:

  1. Applicant candidate must be permanent residence
  2. Applicant of age 60 years or above are eligible
  3. Applicant of group 20 minimum age 60 years or above are eligible
  4. Under this scheme only 50% transportation cost is provided and only pilgrims who are visiting religious place are eligible for 50% transportation

Document required for applying Dharmajyoti Scheme:

  1. Permanent residence proof of Assam state e.g. certificate form residence authority
  2. Age proof e.g. voter ID, birth certificate
  3. Aadhar card
  4. Identity card

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant would get application form and all details at ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation)

Contact Details:

  1. Applicant can contact to ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation)
  2. Applicant can contact to P & D Department, Govt. of Assam

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website:
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