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Taluka Seed Farm Scheme for Farmers in Maharashtra

Taluka Seed Farm Scheme is introduced by state government of Maharashtra for farmers. This is a 100% state sponsored scheme at Taluka level in Maharashtra. Taluka Seed Farm Scheme implemented by the agriculture department of Maharashtra. Under this scheme, the various training programmes implement to developed new seed production in the farm project area. Under this Taluka seed farm scheme, the government provide subsidy on wages, emergency allowance, travelling allowance, office expenses, electric, telephone and water allowance, rental allowance and constriction material and tool provided by state government of Maharashtra for the project area. The government has aims to provide subsidy for construction work on farm land, material and supply or official allowing provided to the farmers to develop and implement programme for new seed production in the farm land. The state government also implement programme to develop organic farm, neem powder, organic fertilizers etc. the subsidy is distributed by BDS system from agriculture Commissionerate to the each division in Taluka. Government also provide assistance for implementation of Taluka seed farm scheme programmme such as fertilizer, agriculture tool, rent for electric pump, tractor diesel and maintance allowance on project area

Benefits of Taluka Seed Farm Scheme:

  • Benefits of subsidy for construction , material or supply on project area
  • Benefits of subsidy for various allowance come under this programme

Eligibility for Taluka Seed Farm Scheme:

  1. All farmers in Taluka level are eligible for this scheme
  2. A farmers for construction on project areas are eligible for Taluka Seed Farm Scheme
  3. Taluka level farmers are eligible

Documents Required:

  1. Identity card such as Aadhaar card
  2. Farmers 7/12 required
  3. Bank account details if required

How to Apply:

  1. Farmers should contact Taluka level agriculture officer for more details about Taluka seed farm production scheme
  2. A farmers contact district agriculture officer, zilla parishad in Maharashtra state
  3. A farmers contact grampancyat for this programme

References and Details:

  1. For more details about Taluka seed farm scheme visit:
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