12 Gigawatts Solar Energy Scheme: a Rs 8000 crore scheme for solar gear manufacturers

The government of India is in working for a new Solar Energy Scheme called 12 Gigawatts Solar Energy Scheme. The scheme is meant to promote use solar energy and manufacturing industries in the solar energy sector. The objective of the scheme is to promote manufacturing of solar gears in India and curb cheap imports. The scheme is drafted in a way that it does not WTO (World Trade Organization) rules for local manufacturing. The scheme is under approval and it will help manufacturing industries in India. Rs. 8,000 crores are allocated for the scheme.

The local solar manufacturing industry suffered post US complaint in the WTO that India is using locally manufactured solar cells and modules in its national solar mission. Renewable energy being hot sector post coal and oil; everyone wants to dominate the sector. The government of India has consulted with various state governments and departments and is in the final stages of approval.

The scheme has been given clearance by the Expenditure Finance Committee. The central governments will soon invite tenders for setting up power projects. The power generated through these means will be used by the government it self. Government is also planning to make use of locally manufactured components mandatory.

The scheme will be implemented in next four years i.e. by 2022. Government is planning to target manufacturing capacity of 3 GW of solar cells per year.

What are 12 Gigawatts Solar Energy Scheme? A government of India initiative to promote and boost manufacturing of solar gears for producing 12 Gigawatts of Solar Energy in India by year 2022.

Solar Energy Scheme: Objective

  • To promote the use of solar energy
  • To boost for producing solar cells by Indian manufacturers
  • To generate employment in the country
  • To reduce solar gadgets imports
  • To dominate in the renewable energy space

Solar Energy Scheme: Eligibility / Who can apply?

  • Indian manufactures who produce solar components
  • Indian manufacturers who are interested in producing solar components

Solar Energy Scheme: Benefits

  • Less dependence on coal and oil for energy
  • Increased use of clean energy
  • Reduced emission of carbon to stop global warming
  • Growth in the economy
  • Employment in the solar manufacturing sector

Solar Energy Scheme: How to apply?

The scheme is being worked out and in the final stage of the consultation. The details on the application procedures and tenders are not available as of now.

Solar Energy Scheme: Implementation & Highlights

  • The government of India is in working on new 12 Gigawatts Solar Energy Scheme
  • This scheme will local manufacturing of solar gears without violating the WTO rule
  • This scheme will also help local industry to avoid cheap imports of solar components
  • Rs 8000 crore sanctioned for the scheme
  • Expenditure Finance Committee has already given clearance to this scheme
  • Government will call for tenders to set up power projects and use generated energy itself
  • The scheme to be implemented in 4 years i.e. 2022
  • To ensure manufacturing of a minimum of 3 GW capacity of solar cell per year will generate till 2022

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