Aarogya setu app

Aarogya setu app download, details, features, how to use the app and how to safe yourself from corona

Governmet has lunched number of schemes for India to protect people from COVID-19 pandemic. Aarogya setu app is one such initiative from Government of India to fight with corona pandemic. Aarogya setu app is lunched by Government of India. It is a mobile application and available on Android and ios and it is free for download.

The app provide all the information related to corona and it is help to protect user from corona. App support 11 different languages.

Goal of Aarogya setu app: Goal of Aarogya setu app To protect people from COVID-19 and provide latest information/updates about corona pandemic.

Name of the App:Aarogya setu app
Benefits:To protect people from corona virus
App for:People of India
Launched On:April 2020
Launched by:Government of India
Website: https://www.mygov.in/aarogya-setu-app/
Download:CLICK HERE to download Aarogya setu app from google play store for Android and CLICK HERE for app store (iOS)

Aarogya setu app features and use the app:

  • Provide all the information about corona
  • Provide latest updates of corona virus
  • Provide details about red zone, orange zone and green zone
  • Alert user about corona positive patients
  • It helps in maintaining social distance
  • Provide medical emergency and helpline number

How to install and register Aarogya setu app:

  • For Android user:
    Step-1: Go to google play store
    Step-2: Search for Aarogya setu app
    Step-3: Install the app
    Step-4: Open the app
    Step-5: Register your self with the app
  • For ios user:
    Step-1: Go to app store
    Step-2: Search for Aarogya setu app
    Step-3: Install the app
    Step-4: Open the app
    Step-5: Register your self with app

How Aarogya setu app works:

  • Install the app
  • Switch on Bluetooth & location
  • Set location sharing to always
  • Invite your family and friends to install the app
  • Provide self health assessment on the app
  • Get updates with this app

Security and safty of Aarogya setu app/Is it safe to use the app ?: Aarogya setu app is very useful app to protect our self from COVID-19 pandemic. This app is very easy to install and use. App is safe and secure and it is similar to all the other e-commences apps such as grocery, vegetables, furniture and travel and ticketing app. It is not required to share bank details with Aarogya setu app. We all should take advantage of this app and insist our friends and family to use this app and be safe.

Government guidelines for COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay at home
  • Do not go-out except for essential thing and medical
  • Take extra care of kids below 10 years and senior citizen
  • Do not eat outside food


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