GovInfo.me is an online repository of government information such as schemes, jobs, scholarships &, news from central government & all 29 state governments in India.

GovInfo aggregates all the government information and makes it very easy to understand. Our content experts everyday hunt for useful and popular schemes refer multiple authentic sources, analyses them and documents them in such a way that it is easy to understand.


GovInfo`s mission is to organize the Government information such as schemes, jobs, scholarships, how tos etc and make is universally accessible and useful.

Our Content Magicians:

Vishal YadavRam Sawai


Culture At GovInfo:
We are a social startup and believe in solving very common problems in the most innovative ways. We work with the people who are smart, innovative and favor ability over experience/degree. We promote an open culture at GovInfo and welcome ideas and innovations.


Contact Us:

21, ‘Keshavkunj’,
Shivnery Layout,
University Road,
Maharashtra, INDIA – 444602
Email: sarkari.babu@govinfo.me
Phone: +91-9901362321 (Abhishek)

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