Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme (AUWSP)

Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme (AUWSP) is the scheme launched by Ministry of Urban Development of govt. of India. Under the scheme people of town having no water supply or completely no water, there the scheme is implemented. The importance right now does not seem to so appealing but same thing become necessity when there are drought like condition. The main objective of the programme is to provide safe and adequate water supply to the entire population of the town.

Benefits of Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme:

  • Systematic water supply: There will be consistent and systematic water supply
  • Access to safe water: The supply of safe water will make life easy of people who are being kept deprived of the facilities
  • Betterment of life: Now since there is proper and safe water supply in the town the time invested in bringing the water can be utilized in any other way

Eligibility for Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme:

  1. The town with population no more than 20,000 are eligible for the programme

Application form:

There is a wide committee of members which unanimously works and decides on selection of town for the implementation of scheme. Once they shortlist the town scheme is implemented by them. Yes, certain recommendations may work in town’s favor, that’s what you can do to get scheme implemented, otherwise the process is completely on the committee.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. Urban Water Supply Board
  2. State Irrigation Department
  3. State Planning Department
  4. Town Planning Office
  5. Municipal Corporation

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