Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scheme

This scheme basically aims at providing affordable rental accommodation to the Urban migrant workers/Urban Poor

Affordable Rental Housing Complex (ARHC) scheme was approved by the cabinet headed by PMO India, Hon. Narendra Modi on July 8, 2020. This scheme basically aims at providing affordable rental accommodation to the Urban migrant workers/Urban Poor. This scheme mainly focuses to ensure the workers or poor will get houses to live in their areas of working and that too with lesser rents.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scheme (ARHC)
Approved on:July 8, 2020
Launched by:Government of India
Beneficiaries:Urban Migrant workers/Urban Poor

Scheme Objectives:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to provide housing facility at affordable rents to the Urban migrant workers and urban poor
  • This scheme aims at providing ease of living and Housing for all by 2022
  • It also aims to reorganize the rental housing sector and provide employment opportunities.


  • This scheme will help the migrants and poor to avail the housing facility at lower rates.
  • The houses will be allotted near the work places, thus avoiding unnecessary travel, traffic and pollution
  • This scheme will help create new investment opportunities and Job opportunities, in the long run

Eligible beneficiaries:

  • All the migrants belonging to Economically weaker sections, which include Labour, Vendors, Students, workforce from industrial sector etc are eligible for the benefit under this scheme.
  • The migrants/workers who belong to lower income groups and come from rural areas to work in urban areas will also be considered

How to enroll:

  • For enrolling, the applicants will have to visit the official website @ or a dedicated portal for the scheme
  • Then click on ‘Schemes and Projects’ tab
  • Fill the application form, with the required details and submit
  • Detailed process is yet to be announced for application under this scheme

Key Points:

  • This scheme is a sub scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban)
  • Total budget of the scheme is Rs. 600 Cr.
  • It targets to benefit about 3 lakhs beneficiaries
  • The existing vacant government funded houses and complexes will be converted into ARHCs
  • Concession agreement will be for 25 years
  • Special incentives like 50% additional floor area ratio, concessional loan, tax reliefs etc will be given to the private and public companies to develop ATHCs
  • This scheme is applicable till March 2022, but the projects under this scheme will be used for at least 25 years and that too only for rental purposes.


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