Agricultural Pump Connection Distribution Haryana: 44,000 agricultural connections for Farmers

The Haryana Government is planning to provide 44,000 agricultural pump connections for the state farmers. All the electricity connections will be provided by next 6 months which were pending since 2014. Out of these 25,000 connections will be conventional where as 15,000 will be solar pump connections. The scheme is applicable only for the agricultural connections only i.e. well or tube well pump connections.

Agricultural Pump Connection Distribution Scheme: A Haryana Government initiative to provide agriculture connections to the farmers by 31st March 2019 which are pending for long time.


  • Applicable only to the Haryana farmers
  • Only those farmers who`s farm electricity connection application was made between 1st January 2014 till 31st December 2018

Agricultural Pump Connection Distribution Benefits:

  • Agricultural electricity connection
  • Electricity connections for well & tube-wells
  • 25,000 conventional connections
  • 15,000 solar pump set connections

The Haryana government is already in the process of distributing 50,000 solar powered pump sets. The state government has issued tender for 15,000 out of them. The electricity connection distribution will help state farmers who are already struggling due to various other issues. Solar pump connections will be given to the poor & marginal farmers in the state.


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