Ahar Yojana

Ahar Yojana is the scheme under which subsidized food is provided to the poor families in urban areas. It is the initiative by Orissa Government where they opened many Ahar Canteens where food is served at very low rates. Usually the food which cost Rs. 20 is served for Rs. 5 at Ahar Canteens. These canteens are functional at crowded places like bus stops, stations, markets, municipal hospitals where maximum poor people are around. At present, there are 12 centers which has Ahar Canteen but there are more 100 canteens in the queue. This is the good initiative for the people who cannot afford food at high cost and this the scheme is serving well to the poor. There is no restriction that only certain community can enter the canteen, but it is open for everyone. Every day between 11 am and 3 pm the canteen is open to serve the poor under the Odisa Mining Corporation (OMC) sponsorship.

Benefits of Ahar Yojana:

  • Subsidized food: The prime benefit of the scheme is that it provide food at subsidized rate. Under the scheme the food which cost Rs. 20 cost Rs. 5
  • Building up canteen: There are plans to build 100 more Ahar canteens for the same purpose
  • Bhata and Dalma @ Rs. 5: The menu consist of Rice and Veg mixed Daal which is a perfect balanced diet for the people doing hard work
  • Can serve 1000 people: The scheme at a time can serve 1000 people and has a targeted number of people to serve every day

Eligibility for Anwesha Scheme for SC/ST Students:

  1. Student must be from Odisha State
  2. Student must be from BPL

Documents Required:

  1. BPL card (not mandatory but keep it for safety)

Application form:

There is no need to apply, beneficiary if he/she is form BPL category can directly go to the canteen and have subsidized foods

Contact Details:

  1. Commissioner of Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation
  2. Odisha Mining Corporation
  3. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment


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