Amenities to Primitive Tribes Groups in Gujarat / गुजरात में आदिम जनजाति समूह के लिए सुविधाएं

गुजरात में आदिम जनजाति समूह के लिए सुविधाएं (हिंदी में)

Amenities to Primitive Tribes Groups launched by Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat. There is five Primitive Tribes Groups group in Gujarat that includes 23,479 families. A special survey was conducted to identify the problems of Primitive Tribal Groups, the survey concluded that there are many families who have no access to an assured source of livelihood, do not have the prior house, electricity connection or safe drinking water, are disease-prone, illiterate, asset-less and debt-ridden. Due to their shy deposition to outside contact, they are unable to receive benefits from the various beneficiary oriented scheme of government including access to health services. To foster need of such groups the Gujarat government started an initiative in which government to provide six basic amenities like provision of Housing, Electrification, Roads, Drinking water, Education and Economic Upliftment. For the implementation of this scheme, Tribal Department is completely responsible to know more beneficiary can visit nearest Tribal Development Office

Benefits of Amenities to Primitive Tribes Groups in Gujarat:

  • Amenities to Primitive Tribes Groups focus on upliftment and empowerment of Primitive Tribal Groups in Gujarat
  • Under this scheme, the Primitive Tribal Groups are provided Housing, Electrification, Roads, drinking water, Education, Health etc.

Features of Amenities to Primitive Tribes Groups:

  1. Scheme to focus on development of Primitive Tribal Groups in Gujarat by working on following points
  2. Housing: Scheme provides financial assistance for construction of new houses or up-gradation of houses
  3. Electrification: Scheme provides electric connection all tribal household
  4. Roads: Scheme constructs internal roads and connects them to the main road
  5. Drinking Water: Implementation of scheme to provide safe and healthy drinking water to tribal
  6. Education: Scheme to emphasis of quality education and higher education for empowerment
  7. Infrastructure: Construction of hospitals, colleges are to be done under this scheme
  8. Economic Upliftment: Gujarat government to especially ensures that Primitive tribal get benefits of all livelihood schemes

Application procedure:

  1. For the implementation of this scheme, Tribal Development Department is completely responsible. Primitive tribal of Gujarat gets benefits of scheme compulsorily
  2. Tribal can visit nearest Tribal office

Contact Details:

  1. For more information about scheme, beneficiary can visit Nearest Tribal Development Office

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website
  2. Official Website:
  3. Scheme in Details:


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