Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme: a bio-fertilizers distribution scheme for farmers in Tamil Nadu


The Government of Tamil Nadu will be distributing bio-fertilizers starting April 18. The government has named it as Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme in the memory of late chief minister of the state J. Jayalalitha. The agriculture department is asked to implement the scheme and they will be distributing bio-fertilizers to the farmers in the state.

What is Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme? A bio-fertilizers distribution scheme for farmers in Tamil Nadu in the memory of J. Jayalalitha.

Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme Benefits:

  • The agriculture department will be distributing 3,000 metric tonnes of carrier-based bio-fertilizers in the packet of 200 grams
  • Six lakh liters of liquid bio-fertilizers will be distributed amongst the farmers in the state

Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme Eligibility:

  • Only farmers in the Tamil Nadu are eligible for the scheme

Amma Bio-Fertilizers in Tamil Nadu:

  • Bio-fertilizers are supplement to the in-organic fertilizers and helps improve quality of the land
  • The TN state department has 22 bio-fertilizer production units with an annual production capacity of 3,000 MT of carrier-based bio-fertilizers
  • Liquid bio-fertilizers have longer shelf life 12-14 months
  • Liquid bio-fertilizers are produced in 12 units across the state and has production capacity of 6 lakh liters per annum

Important scheme in Tamil Nadu:

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