Anna Canteen Andhra Pradesh: Breakfast, lunch & dinner at just Rs. 5 in AP

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shree Chandra Babu Naidu has launched an Anna Canteen in the state. The aim is to provide cheap food to the needy and poor in the AP. In this canteen, meal serves at just Rs 5 for the common men in the state. The Anna Canteen will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to needy and poor in the cities in the AP. 3 idlis / 3 pooris / upma / pongal will be provided in the breakfast. The lunch and dinner plate menu contains rice, dal/sambhar, pickle, curry and curd.

The objective of the scheme is to provide food for all in the state and to make sure no one goes hungry. Similar scheme is available in almost all the cities across all the states in India. Working class, labor usually have food in such canteens. The AP government will setup 203 Anna Canteens in 110 municipalities of the state. Out of 203, 60 Anna Canteens have been inaugurated in 25 municipalities in the first phase in July 2018. Remaining 143 Anna Canteens will be inaugurated in 85 location of the state in second phase. The government has partnered with Akshaya Patra Foundation for managing these canteens. The scheme is expected to benefit 2 lakh people in the state.

What is Anna Canteen? The Andhra Pradesh government scheme to provide a food at Rs 5 per meal for all the poor and needy in the state.

Anna Canteen: Objectives

  • To provide cheap meals
  • To make sure that everyone in the state has food

Anna Canteen: Beneficiaries 

  • Anyone on the AP can have food in the Anna Canteen

Anna Canteen: Implementation & Highlights

  • This scheme was launched in July 2018 by the CM of AP Shree Chandra Babu Naidu
  • In the first phase, 60 canteens were launched in 25 municipalities of the state in July 2018
  • In the second phase, 143 canteens will be soon launched in 85 municipalities of the state in August 2018
  • Anna Canteen Rates: Rs. 5 for breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • Breakfast Menu: 3 idlis/ 3 pooris/ upma/ pongal
  • Lunch and Dinner Menu: rice, dal/sambhar, pickle, curry & curd
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation has given responsibility to manage these canteens
  • Around 2 lakh people across the state will get benefits after of all Anna Canteens becomes operational

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