APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna

Maharashtra Government has approved APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna scheme to provide one full hot cooked nutritious food to pregnant, lactating women in the tribal areas. It was approved by the state Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai. The important objectives of this scheme are to curb malnutrition among tribal children by providing nutrition to pregnant women for 6 months when the child’s growth is at its peak. The main motive of this scheme is to provide nutritious food to pregnant women for better growth of her child. The scheme is an initiative of Tribal Development department of Maharashtra state government. APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna Implemented by Anganwadis falling under Women and Child Welfare Department in 16 districts of states which having tribal population will implement it. The scheme offers every tribal woman in her third trimester of pregnancy a free and nutritious hot cooked meal of her choice, every day, which will be continued for three months after delivery so that the babies will be healthy. The menu constitutes bhakri/roti, rice, pulses, green vegetables (cooked in iodized salt), jaggery, groundnut ladoos and boiled eggs/banana/nachni halwa and soy milk

Benefits of APJ Abdul Kalam Yojana:

  • The meal will be provided for free
  • The hot cooked meal will take into consideration the beneficiary’s food preference.
  • The food will be provided for six months, beginning from the third trimester of pregnancy to the three months period after delivery
  • The meal will include pulses, rice, fruits, vegetables and boiled eggs with occasional supply of milk
  • The scheme will benefit over 1.9 lakh women in the first year
  • Nutritious food is to be provided under this scheme

Objective of APJ Abdul Kalam Yojana:

  1. To curb malnutrition among tribal children by providing nutrition to pregnant women for 6 months when the child’s growth is at its peak

Implementation of the Scheme:

  1. The anganwadis workers, the tribal women and the local meal committees will implement the scheme
  2. The Women and Child Welfare Department will spend 10 crore rupees in stipend to Anganwadi workers
  3. The scheme will be executed in 16 districts having tribal population.
  4. A four-member meal committee will be constituted in every tribal villages across 16 districts.
  5. A woman panchayat member will head the committee, along with two pregnant or lactating mothers and an Anganwadi worker.
  6. The 22 rupees meal will cost the exchequer 75 crore rupees per annum
  7. The implementation of the Yojna will ensure that the babies benefit during the lactation period which will eventually help in curbing malnutrition among tribal children in the state

Meal Serve Under Apj Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna:

  1. The nutritious meal would be served at the Anganwadi center as per the convenience of the beneficiaries. It will include pulses, fruits, vegetables, rice and boiled eggs and milk on few occasions

References & details:

  1. For more details please visit official website: http://amrut.gov.in
  2. https://tribal.maharashtra.gov.in/Site/Home/Index.aspx


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