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Arogya Karnataka (AK): a healthcare scheme for people of Karnataka | Eligibility, Benefits & Implementation

The government of Karnataka has announced Arogya Karnataka (AK) a health care scheme for the citizens of the state.  The objective of the scheme is to provide health care services to all across the state. Health and wellness centers will be set up in villages and cities in Karnataka. They will provide high quality comprehensive primary health care services. The existing healthcare centers too will be upgraded under the scheme.

The existing sub-centers to provide high quality comprehensive primary health care services will be upgraded. This scheme had announced government in August, 2017 & launched in March, 2018. Under this scheme, the peoples of Karnataka gets free medical treatment. The schemes cover 1.4 crores families of Karnataka.

What is Arogya Karnataka (AK)? Arogya Karnataka, a Universal health coverage scheme of Karnataka government to provide health care services to the citizens of the state.

Arogya Karnataka (AK): Objective

  • To ensure health for all
  • To provide health care services across the state

Arogya Karnataka (AK): Benefits

  • Primary healthcare, normal secondary healthcare, complex secondary healthcare, tertiary healthcare and emergency healthcare services
  • This scheme provides free treatment worth Rs 1.5 lakh in government & private hospital
  • This scheme will prevent overlapping of schemes & stop duplication
  • Above Poverty Lines(APL), Below Poverty Lines(BPL) families get benefits
  • Farmers, teachers of aided schools, anganwadi workers, SC/ST, sanitation workers, unorganized workers, public servants gets benefits

Arogya Karnataka (AK): Eligibility/Who can apply?

  • The scheme is applicable to the residents of Karnataka state
  • Residents covered under health assurance or health insurance schemes
  • Residents who has private health insurance policies
  • Residents covered under Central Government health schemes
  • Employees of Karnataka Government

Arogya Karnataka (AK): Documents Required

  • Adhaar card
  • Proof of permanent resident

Arogya Karnataka (AK): Implemetation & Highlights

  • This scheme launched in March, 2018 this year
  • This scheme applicable to all people of Karnataka & is not dependent on their income
  • People can avail cashless medical treatment in any government hospital without a maximum limit of expenditure.
  • This scheme also remain applicable to other goverment empaneled hospitals.
  • Under this scheme, the health card issued to all families or indivisuals to avail the benefits of this scheme
  • The health card issued by linking Adhaar card

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