Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojna (AGSY)

Low interest loan of upto Rs.1 lakh for small shopkeeper and self employed in Gujarat

Gujarat government has launched a scheme Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojna (AGSY), (आत्मनिर्भर गुजरात सहाय योजना). This scheme is for small shopkeeper and self employed people in state. According to the scheme guarantee-free loan upto Rs. 1 lakh will be given to them at 2% yearly interest rate.
The beneficiaries of scheme are small businessmen, skilled workers, auto rickshaw owners, electricians and barbers. The scheme will support them to recover from COVID-19 pandemic.
The total interest loan is 8 per cent but beneficiaries need to pay 2 per cent, remaining 6 per cent is paid by state government.

Scheme:Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojna (AGSY)
Benefits:Guarantee-free loan
Beneficiaries:Small shopkeeper and self employed
Launched By: Government of Gujarat


  • Loan with lower interest
  • Guarantee-free loan
  • loan upto Rs. 1 lakh with 2% yearly interest
  • No installments or interest needs to paid during first 6 months

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Scheme is applicable only in Gujarat
  • Scheme is applicable for Gujarat residents

The scheme is lunched by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani. The loan applications can be made at district, scheduled and cooperative banks. Loan will be given for three years.


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