Badikostha Bicycle Scheme for Girl Students in Andhra Pradesh

To grow up the rate of the education of the girl’s child in every state low as compared to the rate of the education to the boys. In Every state do something special to promote the education rate of the girl’s students. Sometimes the parents of the girl’s child will not allow them to go for away from the houses to get the education. Girl students leave the education.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has taken a new initiative of distributing bicycles for girl students in the state schools. Under the scheme, the government has aimed to distribute nearly 1.82 lakh bicycles across the state of Andhra Pradesh to different girl students studying in various schools.

Andhra Pradesh School Girls Free Bicycle

Badikosta Bicycle scheme in Andhra Pradesh will be launched by the Chief Minister of the State Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. So they have the target to distribute the more than1.82 lacks bicycles to the girl’s students who are getting the education in the 9th class. To complete this scheme the State government of the Andhra Pradesh will sanction the money of Rs.75 crore. This is also the amazing scheme which is ever launched in any other State.

  • Firstly, student should be girls child and live in the State of the Andhra Pradesh in other words you will be the bonafide residents of the Andhra Pradesh
  • This scheme is mainly for the girl’s students getting the study in the 9th so it is important that the students are in the 9th class
  • To full fill the scheme the State government already sanctioned the sum of Rs.75 crore to the department of this scheme

Schools Selected till date under the Badikostha scheme

  1. Ever since the launch of the scheme, the government of the state aims to distribute as many as 1,81,556 lakh Bicycles amongst 5628 girl students.
  2. It is also certain that government has selected nearly 246 different state government schools for distributing the Bicycles.
  3. Apart from this, the government has also set its target to distribute free bicycles for 319 selected municipal schools, 160 selected model schools and 4432 ZP schools in the state.

The government has taken this initiative after collecting feedback from these students about the difficulties they face when pursuing education. One of the main difficulties these students face is related to traveling to schools daily. By the implementation of this scheme, it is certain that the state government aims to provide better transportation means. Apart from this the government also aims at reducing the burden for parents on account of the money they may have to invest in purchasing bicycles for their girl child. Apart from this the government also aims at promoting the value of education in the state by reducing the number of girl dropouts from colleges and schools.

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