Balaram Yojana

To provide financial assistance to the landless farmers across the state of Odisha

Odisha government launched ”Balaram Yojana” on Thursday to provide crop loans to farmers affected in this pandemic, the landless farmers. This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to 70,000 farmers this year and 7,00,000 farmers in the next two years.

Scheme:Balaram Yojana
Benefit:Financial assistance to farmers
Beneficiaries:Landless farmers across the state of Odisha
Launched On:3 July, 2020
Launched by:Odisha Government
Total Budget:Rs. 1040 Cr.

Scheme Objectives:

  • To provide financial assistance to the landless farmers across the state of Odisha.
  • To boost the agricultural productivity.
  • To provide credit support to farmers who face difficulties in getting credit otherwise.

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Key Points:

  • Chief secretary Asit Kumar Tripathy took important decisions regarding this scheme in a high-end meeting at Lok Sabha Bhawan.
  • Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), state and district governments would work together to implement the scheme across the state.
  • Under this scheme the total credit amount available for distribution is Rs.1040Cr
  • Loans would be advanced to farmers through Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)
  • With a total of 7000 bank branches, each branch would finance 10 farmers, thus providing 70,000 farm loans to landless farmers in this year.
  • The amount of loan would be given as usual crop loan and interest will be applied as per the state farm rules. Same applies with subsidy.
  • This scheme targets to provide a loan facility to 70000 farmers in the next 2 years

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