Bathukamma Saree Distribution Telangana: 1.08 crore sarees to be distributed to women above 18 years with white ration cards

The government of Telangana will organize a Bathukamma Saree Distribution programme in October 2018. This programme will happen during Bhathukama Festive Season. The government will be distributing sarees to all the women above 18 years of age across Telangana during the program. All those women who has white ration card will get free saree under the scheme. 1.08 crore sarees will be distributed under the programme. Sarees will be stored in each of the district go downs and distributed in the month of October. The schedule for the distribution of Bhathukama Sarees will be announced by the district authorities soon. The production of all the Bhathukama Sarees happened in Telangana only. Each of the saree costed Rs 280 to the government. GHMC Authorities from Hyderabad will keep a close watch on the Bhathukama Saree Distribution. The free saree distribution is expected to create employment to the weavers in the state and will boost the economy in the state.

What is Bathukamma Saree Distribution? Bathukamma sarees distribution program by the government of Telangana. Under the  programme women above 18 years of age in Telangana will get free saree during Bathukamma festival.

Bathukamma Saree Distribution: Objectives

  • To make sure poor women in the state has at least one good saree
  • To make sure that poor households celebrate festivals happily
  • To create employment opportunities for weavers
  • To make sure women’s name is included in the ration card
  • To make sure all eligible apply for the ration card in the state

Bathukamma Saree Distribution: Eligibility/Who can apply?

  • The scheme is applicable to the residents of the Telangana state only
  • Women of the state whose age is above 18 years
  • Women with white ration card only are eligible under the scheme

Bathukamma Saree Distribution: Benefits

  • Women to get free Saree
  • Weavers in the state to get more employment opportunities
  • It will grow state economy
  • Women will be encouraged to get there name added to ration card


What is Nethannaku Cheyutha?

  • This scheme was launched in 2017
  • This scheme is a saving scheme for handlooms workers in Telangana
  • The objective of this scheme is to improve the livelihood of handloom workers
  • According to the scheme, the beneficiaries have to contribute 8% towards the saving scheme while the government share is 16% up to the maximum of Rs 2400 per months
  • The beneficiaries can withdraw these amount after the 3 years
  • The beneficiaries age should above 18 years and all the handloom workers which include weavers, Dyers, Wrappers, Ancillary weavers are eligible to fill the prescribed form
  • These applications can be submitted to the concerned directorate

Bathukamma Saree Distribution: Implementation & Highlights 

  • The free saree distribution programme organized by the government of Telangana in October 2018
  • Free sarees will be distributed during Bhathukama Festive Season
  • Women with more than 18 years of age will get free sarees
  • 1.08 crore sarees will be distributed
  • Women having white ration card are eligible
  • Production of all the Bhathukama Sarees was done in Telangana
  • Rs 280 is the producing cost of each the Bhathukama Sarees

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