Beti Hai Anmol Yojana

Beti Hai Anmol Yojana is the scheme by Himachal Pradesh Government under which couples having girl child are awarded money. The motive of the scheme is to empower women and promote the initiative save girl child. There are many states in India which has very less sex ratio. And just to make sure that there is no discrimination with the gender of the child this scheme has been started. Under the scheme the families having girl child, maximum of two girl per family are given Rs. 10, 000 at the time of birth of girl child which is kept under fixed deposit till the girl attain maturity. For that the couple should be from Below Poverty Line (BPL) at the time of giving birth to girls. Though the way of promoting save girl child is not good enough, but it’ll really help to increase the number of girls in the state. Giving a birth to girl child is the most precious thing in the world, this should be the voluntary act by the couple. But for the past few decades there is steep decrease in the number of girl child taking birth. People are discriminating between boy and a girl. To eradicate such stigma from the society government came with the following scheme “Beti Hai Anmol Yojana” to bring awareness among people of having a girls in the society.

Benefits of Beti Hai Anmol Yojana:

  • Allowance at the time of birth: When a girl child takes birth to any couple, they will get Rs. 10, 000 from state government in their post office/bank account.
  • Two such allowances are allowed: Under the scheme each couple can avail the benefit for maximum of two times. Rs. 10, 000 each girl child.
  • Scholarship for education: The scheme also provides scholarship to girl from 1st to 12th standard of her education which ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 for her books and school uniform
  • Increase in birth rate: With such scheme there is the increase in the rate of girl child taking birth which will improve the sex ratio in the state
  • Less burden on families: With the scholarship given to the girls under the scheme will put no pressure on family of girl for her education, and in the meantime family can save money for her marriage.

Pattern of releasing scholarship to girl child:

  1. 1st to 3rd : Rs. 300 scholarship
  2. 4th :  Rs. 500 scholarship
  3. 5th : Rs. 600 scholarship
  4. 6th & 7th : Rs. 700 scholarship
  5. 8th : Rs. 800 scholarship
  6. 9th & 10th : Rs. 1000 scholarship
  7. 11th & 12th : Rs. 1500 scholarship

 Eligibility for Beti Hai Anmol Yojana:

  1. Must be the resident of Himachal Pradesh state
  2. Parent must be from BPL category at the time of giving birth to girl child
  3. New born baby must be a girl child

 Documents Required:

  1. Residential Proof (electricity bill, water connection bill, gas connection bill, ration card, voter id, Aadhar card, pan card or driving license)
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Educational details (marksheets of previous year to get scholarship)
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Family’s income certificate
  6. BPL card
  7. Passport size photograph (preferably 2 but keep more copies)
  8. Bank passbook having (bank name, branch name, account holder name, IFSC & MICR code)

 Application form:

To apply for the scheme at time of child birth beneficiary has to write an application to Child Development authority with supportive documents and the benefits are given and for getting scholarship child has to write an application to Child Scheme Development officer via school principal, and further the scholarship is also given via principal only.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. Aanganwadi Center
  2. District Programme Office
  3. Child Development Project Office

References and Details:

To know more about the scheme follow the following links:

  1. Annexure A (official letter by Himachal Pradesh Government): Guidlines of Beti Hai Anmol Yojana


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