Cashback Scheme proposed for counterfeits sold on e-commerce platforms

The Government of India is planning to launch a Cashback Scheme for counterfeit (fake) products sold on e-commerce platforms. E-Commerce is booming in India in last couple of years and people across India buys almost everything online today. The government has received many complaints regarding the fake products sold by many vendors via popular online platforms. Under the Cashback Scheme the e-commerce companies will reimburse the money if the product sold turns out to be fake or copied or non-original as promised by the merchant.

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) has proposed the Cashback Scheme which will be implemented on the voluntary basis with Consumer Affairs Ministry and e-commerce companies. The Consumers Affairs Ministry runs a helpline for e-commerce customers and gets many complaints on the counterfeit products. Usually customers gets to know that their mobile / product purchased online are not original when they send their products for repairs when they get damaged which usually happens after a year of the product purchased. By that time replacements period of 30 days is over and the e-commerce companies cannt do much about it. The e-commerce companies will refund the money and take up the counterfeit with the merchant who sold.

How to file complaint if fake product is sold to you via e-commerce companies?

  • If you realize that the product sold to you is fake or counterfeit or non-original even after 30 days or anytime
  • File a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Ministry
  • The complaint then will be routed to the e-commerce company you purchased the product from
  • They will look at the complaint and once they are convinced that the fake product is sold to you
  • They will process the refund of your money

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