CM Helpline Himachal Pradesh: Register complaints, get immediate help & information

The Government of Himachal Pradesh is planning to launch CM Helpline for the citizens of the state. The Chief Minister Helpline will help people in reporting grievances & get help along with information. It will be available 24×7 i.e. 24 hours through out the year. An control room will be setup under the Department of Information Technology. The helpline will be monitored from the CM`s office. All the complaints & suggestions from the citizens will be reported directly to the CM office.

HP CM Helpline Number: Yet to be announced

CM Helpline Services:

  • Complaints & grievances registration
  • Information about schemes & subsidies
  • Information on jobs

The Himachal CM helpline is based on the similar initiative in the Madhya Pradesh. They had launched a MP CM Helpline in the state which became very popular. It is now implemented in all the other states across India. The helpline provides much required relief & information to the citizens. It brings transparency, urgency & accountability in the system.

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