Co-operative Handloom Weavers’ Family Pension Scheme

Co-operative Handloom Weavers’ Family Pension Scheme is the scheme which ensures monthly pension to family of weaver after his/her death. The scheme takes care of the family by providing monthly pension to the family after the head weaver in the family expires before attaining 60 years of age. The amount given to the beneficiary is Rs. 550 per month for the next ten years from the date of death. The amount is not much but is sufficient to satiate their hunger and fulfill basic need to start over weaving work. The scheme is valid up to 2020.

Benefits of Co-operative Handloom Weavers’ Family Pension Scheme:

  • 550 per month: The family of the weaver will get Rs. 550/- per month for the next ten years from the date of death
  • No need of any premium: The scheme does not demand for any kind of monthly premium to be paid in order to get pension
  • Covers wide worker types: All skill worker which comes under weaving profession are covered under the scheme like handlooms, textile, khadi & handicraft

Eligibility for Educational Assistance to Children of Prisoner:

  1. Family applying for the scheme must be handloom weavers’ family
  2. The age of the weaver in the family at the time of death must not be more than 60 years
  3. The weaver must be the member of Co-operative Handloom Weavers’ Society

Documents Required:

  1. Complete application form
  2. Ration Card
  3. Valid death certificate
  4. Birth Certificate (of the weaver person in the family expired)
  5. Identity card of the of the weaver person issued by Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society

Application form:

To get the family pension after the death the family has to approach the director of Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society. He’s the one responsible for the application and putting the case in front of higher authority.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. Director of Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society
  2. Handloom, Textile, Handicraft & Khadi Department

References and Details:

For more details about the scheme kindly visit the following link



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