Compete with China (CWC) Karnataka: a scheme to beat Chinese products, boost industries & increase employment

Compete with China (CWC) Karnataka a scheme to beat Chinese products, boost industries & increase employment

The Government of Karnataka will soon be launching Compete with China (CWC) Scheme to boost industries and increase employment in the state. Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Karnataka Shri. H. D. Kumaraswamy announced the CWC scheme while presenting the Karnataka Budget 2018-19 at Vidhan Souda. India has large number of the products from China. Chines products are very competitive and cheap in comparison to the Indian made products. Most of the Indian manufacturer shut down their companies due to the Chinese products.

The Government of Karnataka wants to provide much needed support to the Indian manufacturing companies. Under the Compete with China (CWC) Scheme to boost manufacturing various skill related industries will be started in 9 districts of the Karnataka state. Various products and parts such as electronic components, solar panels, bathroom tiles and sanitary goods, toys, integrated circuit board units, mobile phone component will be manufactured in those industries.

Government will also provide skill based trainings to the youth and unemployed in the state. A budget of Rs. 500 crores for the trainings along with the budget of Rs. 14,000 crores to be invested in next 5 years to start industries 9 districts. The objective of the government is to create 8 lakh jobs. New skill based training institutes will also be opened up in the state. These institutes will provide trainings for six month to two years.

What is Compete with China (CWC)? The Government of Karnataka scheme to boast industries in the Karnataka and to create self-employment and employment opportunities in the state.

Compete with China (CWC): Objectives

  • To boost manufacturing industries in the state
  • To generate employment in the state
  • To promote local manufacturing products in the state
  • To provide self employment opportunities to the youth

Compete with China (CWC): Who can apply?

  • Manufacturing industries in the Karnataka
  • Skill-based workers of the state
  • Private institutes of the state capable or intending to provide skill based trainings
  • Unemployed youth in the state

Compete with China (CWC): Implementation & Highlights

  • Skills based trainings will be provided to the students and youth in the Karnataka, budget of Rs. 500 crores is allocated for the same
  • State government will invest Rs 14,000 crore in next 5 years for setting up manufacturing industries
  • Manufacturing industry for household LED lights will be started in Chitradurga district
  • Manufacturing of bathroom, floor tiles & sanitary goods will be developed in Haasan districts
  • Manufacturing cluster for producing toys will be established in Koppal district
  • Mobile phone components units to be set up in Chikkaballapur district
  • Sport and fitness goods to be set up in Tumakaru district
  • Textiles industry to be set up in Bellary district
  • Production of solar panel unit to be set up in Kalaburgi district
  • Integrated Circuit Board (ICB) unit to be set up in Mysuru district
  • The manufacturing industries for agro products to be set up in Bidar district

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