Computer Donation Scheme in Gujarat / गुजरात में कम्प्यूटर दान योजना

गुजरात में कम्प्यूटर दान योजना (हिंदी में)

Computer Donation Scheme launched by Ministry of Education, Government of Gujarat. A scheme introduced with an aim to provide computer education to primary school. Computer education in schools plays important role in student career development. Schools are around the globe teaching student basics of computers and internet. In almost all business, companies, schools using computers for various official operations. New tech tools are coming that helping students to learn better. Students who use computers have been shown to attend school more steadily and perform better than students who do not use computers. Along with getting higher grades on exams. Under this scheme, the school provided a donation of one computer to that school. A unique initiative of Gujarat government empowering future to many students. All schools of Gujarat state with basic electricity facility and computer teacher can get benefits of scheme

Benefits of Computer Donation Scheme in Gujarat:

  • Computer Donation Scheme has introduced with a view to providing computer education in the primary schools in the state
  • Under this scheme school with electricity and a teacher with computer training, provided donation of one computer to that school
  • 400 lacs for computer donation in the year of 2005-06 have invested

Required eligibility and conditions applying for Computer Donation Scheme:

  1. A school satisfies all condition mentioned below can get benefits of the scheme
  2. School of Gujarat state can avail benefits of scheme
  3. School having facility of electricity and furniture and having classes of 5th to 7th and having a teacher with computer training

Allocation of Target and Achievement at the District Level Under the Computer Donation Scheme:

Application procedure:

  1. The scheme implemented by state government since, the school having the facility of electricity and furniture get benefits of the scheme. Still head of school can visit Nearest Department of Education

Contact Details:

  1. Contact to Nearest Department of Education

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website
  2. Official Website:
  3. Scheme in Details:


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