COVID-19 Vaccination and Registration Process

To provide a coverage of life and health of people against the virus and to avoid potential spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccine has been developed in India in a record-breaking time and after being approved as safe and efficient by all the regulatory bodies it was launched on January 16, 2021. Currently the largest vaccination drive has been started in the country. Based on the potential vaccine availability and risk subjection, Government of India has classified the population and selected priority groups for vaccination. Accordingly, the first group up for vaccination included health care and other front-line workers. Now from March 1, 2021 the second group is up for vaccination. This second group includes Senior citizens over 60 years of age as well as those between 45-59 years of age with comorbidities or health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, aids, etc. Entire process of vaccination is voluntary however it is advisable to get the vaccination done as per the group applicable to get a protection against the disease and avoid potential spread of the same.


Vaccination for:COVID-19 virus
Implemented under:Central Government
Launched by:Prime Minster Narendra Modi
Launch Date:January 16, 2021
Beneficiaries:Residents all over the country as classified into priority groups
Benefit:Protection against the virus
Objective:To provide a coverage of life and health of people against the virus and to avoid potential spread of COVID-19

Vaccination Details:

  • COVID-19 vaccination was launched in the country on January 16, 2021
  • Currently ‘Covaxin’ developed by Bharat Biotech and ‘Covishield’ developed by Serum Institute of India are the 2 vaccines in use
  • Based on risk subjection and vaccine availability the population is divide into various priority groups
  • Health care and other front-line workers were in the first group of vaccination since their risk subjection to the virus is the highest
  • Starting from March 01, 2021 the vaccination for second group of population is started
  • In this group senior citizens above 60 years of age and people with comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc in the age group of 45-59 years of age are included
  • Remaining population will also be covered phase wise for vaccination
  • 2 doses of the vaccine will have to be take by each group of population
  • Time span between the doses will be of 28 days
  • Antibodies for protection against the virus generally take 2 weeks’ time to develop after the second dose of vaccine
  • Like any other vaccine, some basic side effects might be seen in the form of slight fever, mild body ache, etc however measures to deal with same are already available in the centres
  • The entire process of vaccination is voluntary however it is advised to the get the vaccination done as per the applicable group and phase so as to get a protection against the virus, and to limit it’s spread
  • India, developing and producing vaccines in a record-breaking time in itself is a principal step in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Mission

Detailed Registration Process:

National Health Authority of India (NHAI) has prescribed official registration process for the vaccination drive. Steps to be followed are as below –

  • Visit the official website @

  • Scroll to ‘Register Yourself’ tab
  • Page will be redirected to
  • On the displayed page, enter a valid and in use mobile no. and click on ‘Get OTP’

  • Enter the OTP received on the mentioned mobile no. in the given space on the page for verification
  • After successful verification, ‘Registration for Vaccination’ page will be displayed
  • Fill the form with required basic details name, gender, age, id proof type (For ex – Aadhaar card/ Driving License), id proof no., etc. Upload the id proof mentioned
  • Preview and make sure all the details are correctly filled, then click on ‘Register’ option on the right bottom of the page
  • On successful registration, confirmation message will be received on the registered mobile no.
  • One person can add up to 4 other members on the same mobile no. by clicking on Add button

Process for Scheduling Appointment:

  • After registration, next is appointment scheduling part
  • In front of the registered names in account details, ‘Action’ option is provided with a calendar icon
  • Click on the same, and the page will be redirected to the ;Book Appointment for Vaccination’ page
  • Enter the details required like state, district, block, pin code, etc and click on Search option
  • List of nearby vaccination centres based on the pin code provided will be displayed
  • Choose the centre and dates/ slots available thereby as comfortable
  • Click on Book
  • Appointment confirmation page will be displayed with previously filled details of the registered person
  • Click on Confirm then Appointment Successful page will be displayed and the same page can be downloaded/ printed
  • This confirmation page and photo id proof will be required at the vaccination centre as per the booked slot
  • Registration can also be done from the Aarogya Setu app whereby Cowin tab is available. Click on the same followed by vaccination and proceed. Remaining process and details remain the same
  • In case of inability to operate the web portal the person can also reach out to the common service centre for registration
  • Call centre no. 1507 can also be used thereby


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