Cow Distribution Scheme Tripura: 2 cows each for 50,000 families to boast milk production

The Chief Minister of Tripuar Biplab Deb announced a Cow Distribution Scheme in the state. The Tripura state government will distribute 10,000 cows to 5,000 families in the state i.e. each of the beneficiary families will get 2 cows each. The objective of the scheme is to protect cows and increase milk production in the state. More importantly it will provide direct income to the poor families and empower them.

The encourage citizens of Tripura and to promote cows in the state the CM is planning to domesticate cows at his official residence and use the milk for family consumption.

Cow Distribution Scheme Objectives:

  • To save cows
  • To provide alternate means of income to the poor families in the state
  • To provide nutritions through cow milk
  • To empower poor families
  • To make Tripura self sufficient in Milk production

Cow Distribution Scheme Benefits: 50,000 families to get 2 cows each

Cow Distribution Scheme Eligibility: Applicable to the families residing in Tripura only

The CM has taken up this industry as it requires very little cost and can involve everyone in the state where as industries requires a lot of capital and not everyone in the state can be part of it. Approximately 10,000 core needs to be invested to employ 2,000 people where as 10,000 cows distribution will give employment to 50,000 families and they can start earning in next 6 months.

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