Deen Dyal Integrated Rural Tourism Scheme: loans for tourism ventures in Uttarakhand, eligibility & how to apply?

The Uttarkhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj has launched a soft loan scheme for tourism ventures in Uttarakhand called Deen Dyal Integrated Rural Tourism Scheme. Under the scheme the people of the state can get loans to start small/medium scale businesses.

Uttarakhand gets thousands of tourists and visitors every year and any people are already into the tourism related businesses such as accommodation, food, various products and services production and sale. Some of them need financial support to grow their businesses and many others needs financial support to start their businesses. They can now get soft loans at very minimal interest rates.

The Deen Dyal Integrated Rural Tourism is Govt. of Uttarakhand to create more jobs and self-employment opportunities in the state. During the scheme announcement the Tourism Minister said that;

“Under the new scheme, people will be able to start a tourism-related business. Soft loans will be offered for little ventures such as making soaps to be used in guest houses and garlands used in temples.”

Uttarakhand is a home to many religious and spiritual places in India and people in the state can earn profits selling garlands or prasad, especially on the Char Dham route, said the joint director of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Vivek Singh Chauhan.

Deen Dyal Integrated Rural Tourism Scheme Eligibility:

  • Residents of the Uttarakhand can apply
  • The loans are given to the small businesses only
  • Loans can be use only to start new businesses

How to apply? Visit any local Tourism Department office nearby to inquire about the application forms and some of the banks such as State Banks will soon get application forms and will be able to help with the Deen Dyal Integrated Rural Tourism Scheme step by step loan application.

Jai Ram Thakur

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