Didi Bari Yojana, Jharkhand

Improving health and nutritional status of women and children in the state

Jharkhand government came up with a new ‘Didi Bari Yojana’ for the benefit of women and children across the state. The problem of malnutrition among children and women is increasing and thus keeping the issue in mind this scheme is being launched. Under the scheme, beneficiaries will get to produce nutritious vegetables and fruits on 1-5 decimals of land around their house. Landless villagers will also get an opportunity to work under this scheme. This scheme is implemented by Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS).

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Didi Bari Yojana
Scheme Under:Jharkhand Government
Beneficiaries:Villagers in the state
Major Objective:Improving health and nutritional status of women and children in the state

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Scheme Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to improve the overall health conditions of women and children
  • Permanent residents of the state can avail the benefit of the scheme easily
  • Nutritious vegetables and fruits will be produced by the beneficiaries on 1-5 decimals of land under the scheme
  • It will provide employment opportunities to the villagers
  • Wages will be provided as per the working days under MNREGA
  • This scheme aims at improving the nutritional health of women and children thereby solving the problem of malnutrition

Beneficiaries, Selection and Wage Payment:

  • Under this scheme, any villager can avail the benefit of the scheme.
  • SC, ST, Below Poverty Line families, small and marginal farmers, etc all are included
  • Any person who have a separate land of his/her own can also avail this scheme but having a job card is mandatory
  • Beneficiaries will be selected through SHGs of the State Livelihood Mission or Village Organization
  • Selected beneficiaries will be approved by Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat
  • Wages will be provided in cooperation with the Didis of the Sakhi Mandals
  • Each Didi will be given 100-man days of work in a year
  • They will be give 7-15 days of work in a month
  • Wages will be provided as per the working days only
  • Register records will be prepared for the Unskilled labourers
  • Payment of wages will be done directly in the bank account of the beneficiary
  • Bank account is a mandatory requirement

Scheme Details:  

  • Didi Bari Yojana is a scheme launched by the Jharkhand government mainly to solve the issue of malnutrition in children and women in the state
  • Under this scheme, nutritious vegetables and fruits will be planted and grown in 1-5 decimal land around the house.
  • This will help with nutritional diet
  • Groups of 2-5 landless villagers will be formed and the scheme will be implemented
  • In case a villager has his/her own land then he can still avail the scheme benefit but only if he/she has a job card.
  • This scheme can be started at village level by the villagers with the permission of Gram Sabha on public land
  • This will increase employment opportunities as well as the overall nutritional levels
  • Assistance of Didis from Sakhi Mandals will also be taken
  • Wage payment will be made according to the working days
  • Training will be provided to the beneficiaries under the scheme
  • Entire expenditure of implementing the scheme will be borne by Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS)
  • About 5 lakh families will be benefited under this scheme
  • This scheme will help in improving the nutritional health and livelihood of the villagers in the long run.


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