Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana for Children’s in Gujarat / गुजरात में बच्चों के लिए दूध संजीवनी योजना

गुजरात में बच्चों के लिए दूध संजीवनी योजना (हिन्दी में)

Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana is started for improving the health of children in tribal areas by the state Government of Gujarat (Tribal Development Department). To improve & enrich the level of nutrition of primary school going tribal students, state government provides milk with their midday meal to the primary school children in the tribal Taluka, Gujarat. The main objective of this scheme is to prevent dropout’s ratio in schools, ensure regular attendance in government primary schools as well as arrest malnutrition among children. The government has a total budget allocation of Rs 67.55 crore for implementing this scheme in 19 developing talukas out of a total of 225 talukas in the state. In this scheme, the state government is trying to address the issues of malnutrition as well as lower literacy rate from these developing talukas. It is hopeful that this scheme will help in increasing enrollment rate and sustain retention in government schools as students are given milk at around 10 am in addition to the mid-day meal distributed in the noon. In most of these underdeveloped talukas, children do not get milk in their daily diets leading to lower nutritional levels. Also, they come to schools empty stomach. This leads to reduced attention levels among them even resulting in drop-outs. Thus the scheme is to ensure they have something nutritional in the morning when they reach school before their mid-day meals

Benefits of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana:

  • Government provide the milk with their midday meal to the primary school children in the tribal Taluka, Gujarat
  • Helps to prevent dropouts ratio in schools
  • Ensure regular attendance in government primary schools
  • Helps to arrest malnutrition

Objectives of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana:

  1. To prevent malnutrition in children
  2. To improve the nutritional and health status of children

Eligibility for Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana:

  1. Children’s should be resident Gujarat state
  2. Schedule Tribe students studying in government primary schools and Ashramshalas in the state are eligible for Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana

References & Details:

  1. For more details about Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana:

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