e-Foreigners Regional Registration Office (e-FRRO) Scheme: to provide hassle-free travel for foreigners to India | Eligibility, documents required & how to apply oneline at indianfrro.gov.in

The Government of India launched e-Foreigners Regional Registration Office (e-FRRO) Scheme, an online platform to provide fast and efficient service to foreigners visiting India. The e-FRRO portal indianfrro.gov.in is launched by the Union Home Minister Shree. Rajnath Singh. With the launch of the scheme foreigners don`t need to visit Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) or Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) offices anymore. e-FRRO scheme will provide all the FRRO and VISA related service online which will provide improved and hassle-free, paperless, cashless service delivery to the foreigners visiting or staying in India.

e-FRRO provide 27 VISA and Immigration related services in India online. Foreigners in India can now apply for the services online at indianfrro.gov.in and get services via email or nearby post office without appearing in-person in FFRO office. Presently foreigners staying for more than 180 days in India needs to visit FRRO office along with those who needs VISA extension, VISA conversion, change of address, exit permits & change of educational institutes too needs to visit the FRRO office. All this can now be done online. Such improved e-FRRO services are not available in most advanced nations in North-America and Europe.

eFRRO services are similar to e-VISA services platform and is implemented based on IVFRT platform with very negligible expenditure on its implementation. e-Visa service in India has become very popular and has generated revenues of Rs. 1440 crores since it is launched in November 2014. In 2017 alone more than one crore foreigners visited India for various purposes and out of them more than 3.5 lakh foreigners had to visit FRRO office for various issues. With the launch of the e-FRRO services they don`t need to visit such offices in person and avail all the services sitting comfortably at their homes.

What is e-FRRO?

  • An online foreigners regional registration office which provide VISA and immigration services to foreigners visiting in India
  • It provides hassle-free, faceless, cashless and paperless services to foreigners in India
  • A centralized platform to provide services and information to people visiting India
  • The platform is very simple to use, users needs to register themselves and then login with their credentials to avail various VISA and immigration services in India
  • Foreigners don`t need to visit FRRO office anymore unless they are specifically called upon by FRO/FRRO
  • They can just apply for services online upload all the documents and pay fees online
  • All the services will be delivered digitally via registered email id or via India Postal Services
  • Foreigners are required to visit the FRRO office only for the grant of services and they will be notified with the appointment date and time

e-Foreigners Regional Registration Office (e-FRRO) Scheme Features:

  • Hassle-free VISA and immigration services
  • Improved and transparent services delivery
  • Convenient and saves time
  • Supports digital payments and removes middle-man

e-Foreigners Regional Registration Office (e-FRRO) website / online portal: indianfrro.gov.in

e-FRRO (e-Foreigners Regional Registration Office): How to apply online?

STEP 1: New users needs to register themselves first, CLICK HERE to register yourselves. Registration requires basic details such as email id, Name, date of birth, gender, nationality and passport no. etc. Make sure correct details are provided. Upon registration you will receive verification email along with the link. Click on the link to verity yourself and create password.

STEP 2: Registered users CLICK HERE to login. Valid email id and Indian mobile number is mandatory OTP and all the updates, alerts and details are sent to the registered email and mobile number.

STEP 3: Once login choose the services you want to apply. Provide all the necessary details of the application and upload all the required mentioned documents along with latest photograph and then submit your application.

STEP 4: The application then is verified by the VIsa officers and then updates related to any issues, more documents required, fees payments and instructions are sent to your email and mobile

STEP 5: Pay fees online

STEP 6: The service grant/reject along with any other updates are notified via email and SMS or same is made available on the eFRRO portal. Users can login to their account and find all the updates and download RC/RP.

e-FRRO Emergency Scenarios: Foreigners can directly walk-in to the FRRO office in case of emergency and don’t need to apply online. The services in this case are granted at FRO/FRRO level and may results some hassles at the immigration check posts since these are not digital services.

e-FRRO Photo Requirements / Indian passport size photograph requirements:

  • Format: JPG
  • Size of the file: maximum 1 MB
  • Background: plain or white color
  • Indian passport size: 3.5 x 3.5 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Without border
  • Photos should present full face, front view, eyes open

e-FRRO more details:

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