Ektu Khelo, Ektu Padho

Tripura government to provide education content to students through smartphones, WhatsApp and SMS

Tripura government is planning to lunch educational scheme for students. The name of the scheme is “Ektu Khelo, Ektu Padho“. learning and gaming activities will be send by WhatsApp and SMS to students in the state. These activities will be based on audio and video content. These content will be shared to different district academic coordinators and different schools by the Education Department. The implementation of the scheme will start from 25th June 2020 onwards. Students can access activities and daily lessons via sms or smartphones. They can give feedback for these scheme also. Online classes will be started shortly.

Scheme: Ektu Khelo, Ektu Padho
Benefit:Provide educational opportunities
Will be Launched On:25 June, 2020
Launched By:Tripura government
Official Website:tripura.gov.in


  • Educational opportunities for students
  • Motivate students to continue their studies during corona virus pandemic
  • To promote online education

List of schemes by Tripura government


  • Scheme is applicable in Tripura state
  • Scheme is available for students
  • Scheme is available on online mode

Other important schemes for students

The scheme is very helpful during current COVID-19. The objectives of the scheme is to make sure their are no educational losses for students. It also make learning interesting for students.


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