If Elected, Hilary Plans to Staple Green Card on STEM Grads

The presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in her major policy speech at Denver made many promises and unveiled her plans to implement if she gets elected. According to her speech she will make sure by 2020 each house in United States of America will get high speed internet access for free. She also declared to deploy 5G wireless technology in the states. But the thing what is important to the people other than American is that she declared to start “Start-up” visa service under which the international student pursuing their Masters or Ph.D.’s studies under STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) accredited courses in the USA will get green card stapled to their visa from the accredited institutions. Which means, as soon as the student finishes his/her study in USA he/she will hold green card status automatically and will apply for the permanent one later via employer.

Benefits of getting Stapled Green Card:

  1. Students will get immediate green card status: With the decision if Hilary wins the election, student who will graduate or will complete their Doctorate from STEM courses will get green card status
  2. Near about 100,000 students will get benefit: Every year close to 100,000 Indian students go to USA to pursue their higher education will get benefit of the decision
  3. Will attract talent from all over the globe: The motive behind this decision is to attract best talent across the globe and make them start business in United States and generate more employment
  4. Generation of more employment: Person intending to start a business in States will have to first get a commitment from the investor and will have to assure that he/she will generate jobs, only then the person will get Green Card Status
  5. Leading country in the technological innovations: With such norms more people will be attracted towards American economy, market and it will result more businesses running in USA which will bring more innovations since the green card status will be for STEM courses degree holder and employer

What is Green Card?:

It is the immigration procedure of becoming permanent resident of the United States of America. At the end of the procedure the applicant is given the Green Card which serves as the proof that the person has been granted permanent resident status of the United States of America.

What does STEM stand for?:

STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which is used to represent academics courses in USA. Recently the term got little attention because of many official controversies over it like reducing OPT terms for international students and now the Green Card status.


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