Financial Assistance & Support Service to Victim of Rape Scheme

“Rape” one of the most brutal crime in the world is not only the crime against women, but it’s the attack on humanity. To criminals who do rape, rape might not a big thing, but for the victim, her complete life gets ruined. The pain she suffers cannot be described in words. She not only loses her body integrity but suffers from mental and psychological trauma. Rape is the attack on women’s soul. According to the survey every minute near about 6-7 women get raped in India and close to 23 in world. For records, we entered 21st century but mentality is becoming more sinister. And now we need to ask questions to ourselves, why this is happening? Why women are becoming the target? What is the reason behind this discrimination among humans? Are we even worse than animals, because even animals don’t behave in such an evil way, why criminals forget that the women they are attacking may be someone’s mother, sister, wife, lover, friend or confidante? Same as they have. Here, we as a society need to think deeply and protect the humanity. We need to change our upbringing pattern. Now, no more priorities to boys only. We should teach our son equality and respecting women, and other important thing education. With education, person becomes aware of rights, person gets exposure which vacates wrong perception from mind and come to know that women are no more different from boys. Anyways, there are many suggestions, but we cannot soothe the pain and trauma, the rape victim is going through. Still, to help the victim financially and socially there’s a scheme by Himachal Pradesh Government “Financial Assistance & Support Services to Victim of Rape Scheme” under which the victim gets financial assistance of Rs. 75, 000 for a new start.

Benefits of Financial Assistance & Support Services to Victim of Rape:

  • Financial assistance: Under the scheme the government will provide the victim financial assistance of Rs. 75, 000 for other services as well
  • Increase in assistance: In case of special cases this assistance is raised up to Rs. 1 Lakhs

Eligibility for Financial Assistance & Support Services to Victim of Rape:

  1. The person applying for the assistance should be able to generate medical report which proves that the person got raped
  2. The FIR filed should be immediately after the rape was committed

Documents Required:

  1. Residential Proof (electricity bill, water connection bill, gas connection bill, ration card, voter id, Aadhar card, pan card or driving license)
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Bank passbook having (bank name, branch name, account holder name, IFSC & MICR code)
  4. Medical report
  5. F. I.R
  6. Application form submitted within 60 days from the date of filing F. I. R

Application form:

To get the assistance victim need to get the application and submit it to the SHO of concerned police station, then SHO need to forward documents like F. I. R and medical report within 72 hours to the District Board. And after thorough examination assistance is disbursed.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. SHO of local police station

References and Details:

To know more about the scheme follow the following links:

  1. Official letter by Himachal Pradesh Government: Guidlines of Assistance to Rape Victim


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