Foster Care Scheme

The Foster Care Scheme started by the Goa government for kids whose parents are unable to care for them due to illness or death of a parent. Foster care is likewise known as the Vatsalya is a family-based non-institutional child care program that providing care for children in difficult conditions. The scheme would be implemented by the department of women and child development, Goa and for that government has announced a budget of Rs. 5 crores. The maximum maintenance allowance per child of monthly foster care allowances payable to the foster family for the welfare of the child will be Rs 2,500.  Under the scheme, a child will be handed to a foster home under emergency placement, temporary, short-term and long-term placement, till the child arrives at the age of 18 years and the benefits can be further expanded up to the age of 21 years

Benefits of Foster Care Scheme:

  • The government will provide the financial assistance of Rs. 2, 500 per annum to foster families for the welfare of children
  • The scheme will help to those children who are living in orphanages or some reason their parents are not able to take care of their children
  • The government will provide a foster care allowance of Rs. 1, 500 to the child who is in the age group of 0-6 years
  • The government will provide Rs. 2000 to the children who are in the age group of 6-21

Eligibility for Foster Care Scheme

  • For selection of Children: For taking care of children who are in a difficult situation
  1. If children affected by family breakdown
  2. If Children faced with chaotic caused by family illness, substance abuse or any other crisis
  3. Natural or man-made disaster
  4. Those children who can be reinstated or restored back into families
  5. Orphaned and abandoned children are also eligible
  • For Foster Family:
  1. Foster parents have capable of fulfilling the basic needs of children
  2. Foster parents should have stable emotional adjustment with family
  3. Foster parents should have medically fit
  4. The foster parents should motivate the child to study and be willing to send the child to regular school

Application procedure for Foster Care Scheme:

  1. Application form available on Department of Women and Child Development  website of Goa

 Documents required for applying Foster Care Scheme:

  1. Residential proof (Electricity bill, Gas connection bill, Water bill)
  2. Employment certificate
  3. Domicile certificate of Goa
  4. Adhar Card
  5. Health certificate
  6. Marriage certificate
  7. Income certificate
  8. Identity proof (Election card)

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting the benefits of this scheme:

  1. Contact with the Department of Women and Child development

References & details:

  1. For more information regarding scheme and furthermore information go to website of Department of Women and Child Development,73,77,83/156


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