Free Borewell Scheme Telangana: a poll promise under BJP`s consideration

The state BJP party presidents announced that they are aggressively looking at schemes and subsidies which will benefit farmers in the state and is planning to announce Free Borewell Scheme is voted in power in upcoming 2019 state elections.

He announced that if BJP comes in power in Telangana after 2019 assembly elections then the government will launch Free Borewell Drilling Scheme in Telangana. The state BJP will also work on the direct benefit transfer implementation for various schemes and subsidies for farmers so that the amount is directly transfered to the beneficiaries bank account.

Various welfare schemes for youth and unemployed too will be launched.

The party is also planning unemployment allowance of Rs. 3000 for unemployed youth in the state whereas a financial assistance of Rs. 5000 will be given to SC/ST youth.


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