Free Chemotherapy Facility Scheme Maharashtra: free chemo treatment for cancer patients

Government of Maharashtra has announced Free Chemotherapy for Cancer Treatment in 10 districts in Maharashtra to treat chemo patients for free. The scheme was announced by the Maharashtra Public Health Minister Deepak Sawant. Under the scheme the Maharashtra Government will treat cancer patients admitted in district hospitals for free in 10 districts starting June 2018. The government will increase the scope of the scheme and will launch the scheme in more districts based on the success of the scheme. Presently the free cancer treatment is available only in Maharashtra & patients travel from all over Maharashtra to avail the treatment.

What is Free Chemotherapy for Cancer Treatment Scheme in Maharashtra: A scheme to provide free cancer treatment for cancer patients admitted to 10 districts in Maharashtra.

Free Chemotherapy for Cancer Treatment in Maharashtra Benefits:

  • Free cancer treatment / free chemotherapy facility
  • Cancer patients needs chemo therapy which is a six week course and they need to travel to Mumbai every week which is not required since the treatment is now available in 10 districts government hospitals
  • Free cancer treatment is available only in Tata Hospital Mumbai and usually is crowded, now since the free treatment is not available in other cities as well, the patients dont need to face rush
  • Along with the free treatment cancer awareness and prevention campaigns will be undertaken to prevent cancer
  • Close to 5 lakh people die due to cancer in India, the free treatment will reduce the number of deaths due to cancer

Free Chemotherapy for Cancer Treatment in Maharashtra Implementation:

  • Physicians & nurses from 10 district hospitals will be given three-week long cancer treatment training at Tata Hospital in Mumbai in June 2018
  • Tata Memorial provides free six-week chemotherapy course to the cancer patients which will now be given by the trained doctors & nurses in the 10 district hospitals
  • One doctor and a nurse will be trained from 10 hospitals at the Medical Oncology Department of the Tata Hospital

Free Chemotherapy Facility Scheme District Hospitals:

  1. Amravati
  2. Bhandara
  3. Akola
  4. Wardha
  5. Pune
  6. Jalgaon
  7. Nashik
  8. Satara
  9. Gadchiroli
  10. Nagpur

Eligibility for Free Chemotherapy Facility Scheme:

  • Cancer patients who are residents of Maharashtra only are eligible

11 lakh cancer patients are detected every year in India according to Cancer Patient Registration Program. The total number of patients including new and old in India is close to 28 lakh. Out of these 5 lakh die every year.


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