Free Country Chicken Scheme Tamil Nadu: Rural women to get free hens

The Tamil Nadu Government has launched Free Country Chicken Scheme for rural women across the state. Under the scheme the state government will distribute 50 country chickens (hens). The primary objective of the scheme is to provide alternate means for earning to the rural women. The scheme is expected to provide them additional income & improve their life standards. The TN Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami launched the program & distributed free chickens to 5 families.

TN Free Country Chicken Scheme: A Tamil Nadu government scheme to provide free chicken to the rural to provide additional income.


  • To provide additional income to rural women
  • To empower women
  • To promote backyard poultry farming


  • Free 50 country chicken breed to each beneficiaries
  • Four-week-old roosters, hens and cages

The beneficiaries are expected to take good care of the poultry & can sell eggs & fully grown hens.


  • Applicable only in Tamil Nadu`s all the districts except for Chennai
  • Applicable only for the rural women

The state government has alloted budget of Rs. 25 crore for the scheme. The animal husbandry department will be implementing the scheme. They will form a team of 4-5 beneficiaries each in a village. The department will also provide supply of poultry feed. The four week roosters & hens will be given in a equal proportion. By 16th week they can be sold to make profit. The initiative will increase per capita income of the state farmers & also encourage women entrepreneurship.

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