Free Laptop Distribution Scheme Tamil Nadu: TN Students to get fee laptops

The Government of Tamil Nadu has launched a Free Laptop Distribution Scheme in the state. The students of higher secondary, college are given free laptop under the scheme. The state government is planning to extend the scheme for the students of class 9th & 10th. The primary objective of the scheme is to push technology based learning in the state. The scheme is applicable to students studying in the government & government aided schools & colleges in the state.


  • To empower students
  • To promote technology based learning
  • To connect them to the world
  • To provide equal opportunities to the poor students in the state

TN Free Laptop Scheme Eligibility:

  • Applicable only in Tamil Nadu
  • Application only to the students of government & government-aided school & college students
  • Applicable to class 9th, 10th, higher secondary & college students

TN Scheme of Distribution of Laptop Computer to Students:

  • 38 lakh free laptops are distributed so far under the scheme
  • The scheme started in 2011-2012
  • Rs. 5,520.49 crores are spent on the scheme so far
  • 5.43 lakh students got free laptops in 2017-18
  • A budget of Rs. 758 crores was spent on purchasing laptops for distribution in 2017-18
  • 5.5 lakh students to get free laptops in 2018-19 at the budget of Rs. 758 crore
  • Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) is the procurement agency for the laptops
  • The laptops will have educational content preloaded


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