Free Masks Scheme

Tamil Nadu government’s a new scheme to provide free face masks to all the ration card holders in the state

Tamil Nadu government is to provide free face masks to all the ration card holders in the state. Masks are considered as the most important option to prevent the spread of Covid-19, thus as a measure to combat the pandemic situations, this scheme to distribute free masks is launched. It is mainly as measure to fight and overcome the pandemic situations.

This scheme was announced by CMO Tamil Nadu, Mr. Eddapadi K Palaniswami on Monday, July 27. Under this scheme, face masks will be given free of cost through ration shops. 2 masks will be provided to each member of the family


Scheme name:Free mask distribution scheme
Scheme Under:Tamil Nadu Government
Announced by:CMO Tamil Nadu, Mr. Eddapadi K Palaniswami
Eligible Beneficiaries:All the ration card holders and their families, across the state
Benefit:Good quality and Reusable face masks

Scheme Objectives:

  • The main objective is to provide free masks as a measure to fight the pandemic situations around
  • To ensure each and every citizen of the state wear mask
  • To prevent the Corona-virus spread and outbreak

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Scheme Benefits:

  • This scheme will help the people who do not have any mask or are not able to buy it due to financial or other reason
  • It will ensure the use of masks at local level
  • It will help in controlling the further spread of the virus across the state

Eligibility Beneficiaries:

  • All the ration card holders and family members

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Key Points:

  • The scheme covers ration card holders across the state
  • CMO Tamil Nadu announced this scheme and inaugurated the 1st phase by distributing 5 masks at the secretariat
  • In the state of Tamil Nadu there are 2.08 Cr ration card holders which cover 6.74 Cr. individuals
  • In phase 1 of the scheme, government aims to provide high quality masks to around 69 lakh families in Panchayats, Municipalities and corporations barring the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).
  • Government is also planning to bring a new law to make mask compulsory for each and every person in the state
  • According to GCC close to 45 lakhs good quality and reusable masks have already been distributed


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