Free Mobile Phone Scheme: Smartphone distribution for farmers in Jharkhand

The Jharkhand Government has announced a free smartphone distribution scheme for farmers in the state called as Free Mobile Phone Scheme. 28 lakh free smart-phones will be distributed amongst all the farmers in the state. The important objective of the scheme is to make sure that the farmers gets connected to e-NAM marketplace and to be able to sell their produce online at better prices.

The smart-phones along with internet connections will help Jharkhand farmers to be part of PM Narendra Modi`s Digital India mission. It will also help state government to provide agricultural services and information online.

What is Free Mobile Phone Scheme? A free smartphone distribution scheme for the farmers in the Jharkhand.

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Objectives:

  • To empower farmers
  • To provide guaranteed income
  • To provide agricultural information and services online
  • To provide updates on various government schemes and simplify application process
  • To enable them to connect to the e-NAM portal, an online trading portal for agricultural commodities in India
  • To double farmer`s income by 2022

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Benefits: Free smartphone to all the farmers

Free Smartphone Yojana Farmers in Jharkhand
Free Smartphone Yojana Farmers in Jharkhand

The state government will be organizing Agriculture and Food Summit on 29th and 30th November 2018. The CM Raghubir Das has invited all the farmers to take part in the summit and be the brand ambasidor of the state agriculture. The free smartphone scheme in Jharkhand is based on the success of the similar scheme in other states. The free smartphone along with free wifi/internet has helped farmers a lot in other states such as Rajasthan, Chattisgargh etc.

e-NAM Portal:

  • Online trading platform for the agricultural commodities in India
  • Provide latest crops prices (mandi bhav / rates of various agriculture produce)
  • Help farmers, traders and buyers
  • Helps farmers in marketing their produce - MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2018 – MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2018: Online registration, application form, dates & lucky draw results/winners

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