Free MSRTC ShivShahi bus pass for girls, senior citizens & accredited journalists

The Maharashtra Government has announced free travel on Maharashtra State Regional Transport Corporation’s (MSRTC) ShivShahi buses for girls, senior citizens and accredited journalists in the state. Shiv Shahi is the semi-luxury air-conditioned bus service from MSRTC. The scheme is approved by the state cabinet headed by the Chief Minister Shree Devendra Fadanvis. The decision is announced by the state Transport Minister Shree Diwakar Raote. The main objective of the scheme is to reduce drop-out rate in girls and to help them along with senior citizens and journalists in the state.

MSRTC Free Pass on Shiv Shahi Buses: Objectives

  • To reduce drop-out rates in girls
  • To promote and help girls to study after 10th (Junior College)
  • To help senior citizens and accredited journalists

MSRTC Free Tickets on Shiv Shahi Buses Benefits:

  • Ahilyabai Holkar scheme: Free bus service is already available to girl between 5-10th class which is extended till class 12th
  • 66.67% concession in Shiv Shahi tickets for technical and vocational training education students
  • Senior citizens above 65 years of age will get 45% concession in Shiv Shahi bus tickets
  • Tuberculosis and cancer patients to get 75%  concession in bus tickets
  • HIV, sickle cell anaemia and haemophiliacs patients can travel free in the ST buses
  • Journalists will get 100 free trips on all ST buses
  • 50% concession to the people traveling with 100% disabled person

How to apply for free bus pass/tickets for MSRTC Shiv Shahi buses?

  • Contact nearest bus depot
  • Fill in the application form for the free bus passes
  • Provide necessary documents such as passport size photograph, identity card, ADHAAR card, disability certificate, illness certificate etc (as applicable)
  • Submit the application

MSRTC Free Pass/Ticket on Shiv Shahi buses: Highlights & Implementation

  • The free travel concession to cost the state government Rs. 44 crores
  • 19.54 lakh schoolgirls and 24 lakh in junior colleges to get benefited
  • 50 lakh students studying in technical and vocational courses to get benefited as well
  • For senior citizens AADHAAR card is mandatory to avail this concession age age proof
  • They can avail this concession for 4000 kilometers per year
  • 70 lakh senior citizens to benefit from the scheme
  • 80 lakh people suffering with various diseases and disabilities to get benefits of the scheme
  • 2,800 accredited journalists are already taking benefits in normal ST buses now on they will get the concession in Shiv Shahi buses as well

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