Free Ride Scheme Delhi

Free of cost travel on DTC, cluster buses & metro in Delhi for women

The Delhi Government is planning to launched Free Ride Scheme for women in Delhi. Under the scheme women can travel for free on DTC buses, cluster buses & metro trains. All the expenses will be taken care by the Delhi Government. The Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal made an announcement. The state government is working on the scheme & will be soon launched.

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It is an optional scheme for women. All those women who afford the tickets can pay for their travel on buses & metros. The government aims to provide safe & convenient travel for the women in the national capital.

Free Ride Scheme
Benefits:Free travel on DTC & cluster buses, metro
Beneficiaries:Women in Delhi
Announced By:Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal

The scheme will benefit girl students & working women immensely. Women from all the sections of the society can afford safe & convenient travel on the government owned transport services. It will also save time & money for the women commuters.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The scheme is applicable only in Delhi
  • The free of cost travel is applicable only for women commuters
  • Only DTC, cluster buses & Delhi metro are covered under the scheme

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The scheme is just announced & the government is presently working on it. The Delhi government is planning to launch the scheme in the next couple of months. The scheme will also encourage the use of public transport. It will also help reducing traffic & pollution.


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