How to get voter ID card in India?

What is Voter ID Card?

Voter ID card is the document given to individuals which allows them to participate in the election process. It is actually a identity prof of the individual. India is a democratic country and to get a voter ID card and to vote is the democratic right of every citizen provided he/she are above 18 years of age. The Election Commission of India is authorized to issue voter ID’s and they only conduct elections at all the levels in india.

What is EPIC Card?

EPIC stands for Elector Photo Identity Card which is nothing buy Voter ID card.

Eligibility Criteria to get Voter ID:

Though it it every citizens right to get voter card and to cast their vote in the elections there are certain eligibility criteria to get voter ID as mentioned below:

  1. The individual should be a citizen of india
  2. The individual should be more than 18 years of age at the time of application

Documents required for application of voter ID online:

  1. Passport size photograph of the applicant
  2. Identity proof (PAN card, Aadhaar card, Driving license)
  3. Proof of Age (Birth certificate, Passport)
  4. Address proof (Telephone bill, Water bill, Electricity bill)

How to apply for Voter ID card online?

The Election Commission of India has now simplified application procedure for voter ID and you can apply online using National Voter Service Portal at

Here are the steps to apply for voter ID at National Voter Service Portal online:

  1. Go to National Voter Service Portal at
  2. Click on Apply online for registration of new voter under National Services
  3. This redirects you to new voter registration/form 6
  4. You can choose the language of your choose Hindi/English
  5. Start filling form 6, first it requires you to choose your state and assembly/parliamentary constituency
  6. Fill the complete form, make sure you specify all the details correctly such as name, address, family details, date of  birth etc
  7. Mobile number and email are optional but make sure you specify them
  8. You can also specify details of your family & friends who already have voter id who belong to the same constituency as you
  9. Upload the supporting documents: a) your passport size photograph b) identity proof and c) address proof
  10. Provide appropriate details in the Declaration section and then click on Submit
  11. Your application then will be reviewed by the Election Commission of India and then issued a voter ID which will then be sent to your postal address

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