Goan Maand Culture Scheme: financial assistance to preserve Goan Maand culture

The Goa Government has announced a financial assistance Goan Maand Culture Scheme. The goal of the scheme is to preserve Goan Maand Culture in the Goa and encourage folk arts and support artists in the state.

What is Maand? A popular place in common localities in Goa where people assemble for social gatherings, recreation, amusement or entertainment, performing arts, mainly singing and dancing, and other outdoor events.

Goan Maand Culture Scheme Benefits:

  • Platform for folk artists and cultures
  • Encouragement for folk artists
  • Financial assistance for ‘maand’ guru/trainer: Rs. 9,000 per month
  • Financial assistance for ‘maand’ guru/trainer assistant: Rs. 6,000 per month
  • Monthly stipend of Rs. 1,500 for trainees
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 for purchase of folks instruments and Rs. 40,000 for repair of old musical instruments
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 60,000 for purchase of costumes and drapery for the performance
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 25,000 for daily cleaning and upkeeping of ‘Maand’

Goan Maand Culture Scheme Eligibility:

  • Maand folk artists and groups who have been performing folk arts for last 30 years

Documents Required for Goan Maand Culture Scheme:

  • An undertaking from the Goan Maand group that their Maand group is still active and performing
  • A no-objection certificate from concerned devasthan/maand

The scheme is launched by the Minister for Art and Culture, Goa Govind Gaude. In his statement he said that Goan Maand Culture is the heart and sole of Goa and must be preserved.

Various Folks Forms Covered Under Goan Maand Culture Scheme:

  • Zagor
  • Ranmalle
  • Kallo
  • Perni zagor
  • Talgadi
  • Tonyamell
  • Shigmo


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