Government of Andhra Pradesh to distribute free smart phones to economically backward people of the state

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and one of the first few to use technology in government functions Chandrababu Naidu has decided to distribute free smart phones to the economically backward people of the state.  The move came after Prime Minister Modi’s decision of note ban. It appears that the Chief Minister of AP strongly believe in the Prime Minister’s decision and looked at the situations and tried to find out innovative ways to help citizens. Since note ban will promote use digital forms of the currency such as digital wallets and moSt of the people have accepted the move to use them including small traders. The problem is not everyone has a smartphone especially people from economically poor backgrounds and hence the Government of AP has decided to distribute free smart phones to such people. The smartphones will also empower people of the state wit information and connect them to the world.

Launch date of the free smartphones scheme in AP is not decided yet. It is said that government will now qyucky workout on the logistics for the same. As of now government is planning to distribute 60 lakh phones and they will be mostly from the Indian manufacturers according to the AP officials.

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