Government of Maharashtra launched a portal to provide information on schemes

The Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis launched a portal called MahaLabharthi which provides information on all the government schemes. The portal aggregates all the central and state government schemes and presents it to the citizens based on their personal, educational & professional information. The mission behind the platform is to create awareness about all the government schemes & to make sure that all the citizens get benefited from the government schemes according to the Chief Minister.

MahaLabharthi portal is available in English and Marathi languages and developed by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL) and can be accessed at

Central and state governments launches thousands of schemes during their tenure but most of them never reaches beneficiaries. The primary reason is lack of information on the schemes in the public domain. People and even government officials mostly aren’t aware of many of the government schemes and their details such as eligibility for application, benefits, documents required and application procedures. MahaLabharthi`s mission is to address this problem. Presently has information on 229 government schemes as of now and it is similar to which has 1,500+ schemes from Government of India and all 29 state governments in India.

MahaLabharthi Web Portal:

How MahaLabharthi work?
The best part of the portal is, it provide schemes based on the users/citizens attributes. Citizens needs to register on the portal and provide their personal details along with educational and professional details. The portal then provides schemes & their details applicable to the logged in user. Soon citizens will be able to apply for all the schemes online. The MKCL is planning to link MahaLabharthi to direct beneficiary website MahaDBT (

How to use MahaLabharthi web portal?

Registering on MahaLabharthi portal:

STEP 1: Go to MahaLabharthi portal choose your preferred language, by default it is Marathi
STEP 2: Click on Citizen Login & then Register which will take you to the registration form
STEP 3: Provide your mobile number and you will receive OPT which you need to enter on the registration form
STEP 4: Specify you name, birth date and password along with email id then click on I accept terms and conditions and then click on Register button
STEP 5: Your mobile number is your user id which you need to provide during login

Using MahaLabharthi portal:

STEP 1: Go to MahaLabharthi portal click on Citizen Login then login to the portal with your mobile number and password
STEP 2: Provide your basic information along with educational and professional details
STEP 3: Choose your sector or domain such as agriculture, student, artist etc
STEP 4: You will be shown all the scheme applicable to you along with their details and application details



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