Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana 2018-19: How to apply for subsidy, application form & list of vendor / गुजरात आवासीय सौर छत योजना २०१८-१९: सब्सिडी, आवेदन पत्र और विक्रेता की सूची के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें

The Gujarat Government has launched Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana 2018-19 under solar power policy to promote use of green energy and reduce conventional energy. The scheme provide subsidy for installation and maintenance of solar panels. The state government has created a Solar Power Policy and wants to make sure that most of the residential houses, building switch to solar energy. The center government along with state government provides subsidy for the installation of Solar PV system from 1KW to 10KW on the rooftop. The governments is planning to complete the target by 31st March 2019. Gujarath Energy Development Agency (GEDA) will be implementing the scheme.

Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana 2018-19: A subsidy scheme for the installation of rooftop solar PV system by Gujarath government.


  • To promote use of solar energy
  • To reduce pollution
  • To save energy

Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana Benefits:

  • 30% subsidy for installation of solar panels by government of India
  • Upto Rs. 10,000/KW subsidy by the Gujarat government
  • Reduced / zero electricity bill: Generated solar electricity will be adjusted against electricity provided by DISCOM

Eligibility / Who can apply for Solar Rooftop Subsidy?

  • Scheme is applicable to residential houses and apartments in Gujarat state only
  • Applicant must have the residential property on his own name
  • Minimum of 100 square/foot shadow free area is required, it will be used for generation of 1KW of solar energy
  • Beneficiaries needs to pay based on the area of the rooftop installation and capacity as mentioned below:
Capacity of Solar System 1KW 2 KW 3 KW 4 KW 5 KW 6 KW 7 KW 8 KW 9 KW 10 KW
Area Required 100 sq.ft 200 sq.ft 300 sq.ft 400 sq.ft 500 sq.ft 600 sq.ft 700 sq.ft 800 sq.ft 900 sq.ft 1000 sq.ft
Cost to beneficiary 23,810 47,620 81,430 1,15,240 1,49,050 1,82,860 2,15,200 2,48,800 2,82,400 3,16,000
Actual Cost of Solar System 48,300 96,600 1,44,900 1,93,200 2,41,500 2,89,800 3,36,000 3,84,000 4,32,000 4,80,000
Subsidy by central govt. 14,490 28,980 43,470 57,960 72,450 86,940 1,00,800 1,15,200 1,29,600 1,44,000
Subsidy by state govt. 10,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
  • Beneficiaries needs to pay amount after subsidy

Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana Application Form & How to apply?

  • The application for the subsidy and installation of rooftop solar PV system can be done at the GEDA selected vendors only
  • These vendors has application forms and the application can be done with them only
  • CLICK HERE to find the list of GEDA Empaneled Vendors for Solar Rooftop Project
  • NOTE: The official list of approved vendors is always made available on the official website of GEDA. Always make sure that these vendors only can provide the government subsidy
  • Fill in the form, provide other documents along with signatures
  • Returns the duly filled form to the vendor
  • Make sure that your make payment only for the subsidized amount and not full amount
  • For maintenance of the solar installation the vendor and beneficiaries needs to make an agreement of the Rs. 50 stamp paper

List of required documents:

  • Solar system commissioning report singed by vendor, beneficiary and DISCOM officer
  • Bill/certificate of payment from vendor for the rooftop solar system setup
  • Setup more than 10KW: certificate for charging permission by CEI
  • Setup less than 10KW: certificate of electrical supervisor or contractor
  • Joint installation report which provides about the installation signed by beneficiary and empaneled vendor

NOTE: Vendor will provide most of these documents, you need to sign it. Vendor only need to submit it to the GEDA for getting subsidy. Applicant just need to fill in the form and provide signatures.

For further details and more information please visit GEDA official website:

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