Hi-tech Projects Term Loan for Agriculture in Maharashtra

Hi-tech agriculture Projects term loan for farmers is launched by the government of Maharashtra. The scheme is implemented by the bank of Maharashtra for the farmers. Under this scheme. the bank of Maharashtra provide term loan for the farmers to acquired Hi-tech techniques for the agriculture such as Green House, Polyhouse, Shed net, Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage etc. The bank provides term loan to the farmers to use this Hi-tech project and implement this project for increasing production in agriculture. The green house technology is the techniques which provide the favorable environmental condition to the plant. This technology helps the farmer to save their plan from the climatic conditions such as excessive wind, cold, excessive temperature. The bank also provides term loan for the cold storage. This help farmer to store their production in cold storage to maintain the quality of products. The term house shed net loan also available for poly and precooling. The purpose of this term loan is to provide Hi-tech facilitates to the farmers for agricultural activities. All farmers like individual farmers and joint landholders are eligible for this loan. The duration for the repayment of loan within 5 to 9 years depending upon the cash flows of the activity

Benefits of Hi-Tech Projects Term Loan for Agriculture:

  • To get benefit loan up to one lakh
  • To get benefits for Hi-tech project such as Green House, Playhouse , Shed net, Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage etc
  • To get benefit of increase agriculture production by using technology

Eligibility for Hi-tech Projects Term Loan for Agriculture:

  1. All farmers are eligible for this loan
  2. Individual farmers are eligible
  3. Joint landholders are also eligible for this term loan

Documents Required for Hi-tech Projects:

  1. Applicant address proof such as Aadhaar card
  2. Applicant 7/12
  3. Chatu sima of the applicant
  4. Legal documentation required for loan above 1 lakh
  5. Price quotation, price estimation or permission depending on purpose
  6. Guarantee form if required
  7. No dues certificate

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant can visit nearest branches of the bank of Maharashtra who engaged in agricultural advance
  2. You may even talk to the marketing officers visiting village
  3. Applicant can go online on official site of bank of Maharashtra
  4. Applicant can visit on the bank with necessary documents
  5. Applicant can visit http://www.bankofmaharashtra.in/downdocs/The-Standard-Operating-Procedure-for-the-Agriculture-Loans.pdf to get details of procedure for loan

Contact details: 

  1. Nearest agriculture department

References & details:

  1. For more details visit bank of Maharashtra official site: http://www.bankofmaharashtra.in/credit_fac_agri.asp
  2. For more details of operating procedure of Bank of Maharashtra visit following link: http://www.bankofmaharashtra.in/downdocs/The-Sta-Operating-Procedure-for-the-Agriculture-Loans.pdf

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