Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS): Highway Villages to be constructed alongside highways in the country

Shree Nitin Gadkari the Transport Minister of Government of India has announced an ambitious scheme called Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS). Under the scheme The Nation Highway Authority of India will be constructing Highway Villages alongside highways in the countries. Under the NHAI`s ambitious wayside amenities programme the government plans to develop 150 sites along national highways with state of art amenities for long distance travelers and road trip lovers.

Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS): Highway Village Amenities

  • Helipads,
  • Motels, restaurants and food courts
  • Village haats or markets, shopping malls
  • Electric charging stations, fuel stations,
  • Parking for cars, buses and trucks,
  • Dhabas for truckers,
  • Repair shops and
  • Dormitories for drivers

Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS): Benefits

  • To improve long distance experience for commuters
  • To create employment opportunities for local youth
  • A platform for farmers to sell their produce
  • To encourage frequent breaks during the journey
  • To reduce driver fatigue related accidents
  • Helipad to expedite evacuation during medical emergencies and providing disaster relief

Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS) Implementation:

  • The Highway Villages will be developed based on the public-private partnership model (PPP)
  • NHAI will provide land for the scheme and the bidder will develop the village
  • 150 such sites are identified as of now
  • Indian Oil, HPCL and BPCL is bidding for most of them
  • Rs. 500 crores are expected to be invested in the scheme
  • The NHAI to raise funds with toll-operate-transfer (ToT) model
  • Individuals owning the land alongside highways also can participate
  • The locals can use the Highway Villages to promote local handloom, handicrafts & local cuisines

Sites identified for highway village in first cluster: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar

More than 20 lakh people in the country is expected to get direct and indirect employment under the Highway Amenities Scheme (HAS).


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